Canvas in pastel approx 30 cm x 40 cm

£ 135 

Head and shoulders study in soft pastels like the example shown here.  Simply supply us with your jpg image by email.

Box Canvas in Acrylics approx 25cm x 30 cm

£ 155 

Prepared modern box canvas with head and shoulders study as shown here. Simply email us your jpg image.

Twin portrait on Box canvas approx 40 cm x 50 cm

£ 195 

Twin head and shoulders study on the same canvas as shown here. simply email us your jpg image.

Bespoke wall art

£ 695 

Any size on lightweight box canvas. Subject matter of your choice. Prices start from £400, the example shown here is a 5 panel piece 120 cm x 225 cm ( approx 4ft x 7.5ft) with a contemporary sunset view over the urban skyline as seen from the clients high rise apartment over Manchester UK.
Would retail at £799 but discount prices available for on-line purchases.


Charcoal drawing

£ 95 

Charcoal and ochre sketch as shown here, simply email your photo to us. Can be done on box canvas or cartridge paper.

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